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Vegan, Nut-free, Soy-free

This soup is for my hubby, Jason. Sara's Soups would not exist without my uber-supportive, talented, funny, brilliant partner in crime. The recipe comes from his great Aunt in Syria and features hearty brown lentils, roasted garlic, cilantro and homemade noodles (you better believe I am making them from scratch). Jason's adventurous spirit has led him to say "Yes, and" to everything that life throws at him. He's flown in a private jet, sang the National anthem at a Blue Jays game, travelled to the real Star Wars (in Tunisia), and as a teenager, he allegedly committed many frauds sneaking backstage to concerts across Ontario. His crowning achievement was, of course, marrying me; he even had a pocket mic at our wedding reception so he could freestyle and hype the crowd. So, it's time to get hyped for this soup! It's the bomb, just like my Jay!



Brown lentils, homemade pasta, garlic, cilantro, EVOO, spices, sea salt

The Jason: Rushtayeh Lentil Stew with Pasta

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