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Not sure what to order? Too busy to order every week?

I've got you!

Try Sara's Soup of the Week!

Always, made from scratch with top-quality ingredients and love.

Notify me about any allergies or dietary restrictions and I'll make sure you get a delicious jar each week that doesn't include those things. 


Don't like the soup one week? Consider gifting it to a neighbour, friend, or colleague that you would like to impress ;)

Or, feel free to contact me to switch it to a Teta Soup, frozen mac and cheese, or another offering that week. 


Going away? No worries! Either have someone else pick-up and enjoy your soup while you are gone, OR pause your subscription by providing written notice one week before your next pick-up day.


You can't go wrong!

In fact, you can only go right- because you will also be getting Sara's Soup for the lowest price around!

Weekly Soup Subscription A: One Jar of Sara's Soup of the Week

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Price Options
Sara's Soup of the W
Subscribe and save!
C$13.00every week until canceled
  • Weekly Soup Subscription is available for local pick-up on Tuesdays starting at 8:00 am

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