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Tuesday Pick-up

Vegetarian, contains nuts, gluten, and dairy

Can be served cold or warmed.

This arugula pesto has a forbidden past. As an aphrodisiac, arugula was once banned from certain parts of ancient Rome, to hold back its passionate effects. But this spicey leafy green is forbidden no longer. Let the passion be unleashed!

This pasta salad is a full meal, and great to enjoy with your Valentine/ Palentine/ Galentine, or to treat yo'self!



Fussili, cherry tomatoes, bocconcini, baby spinach, basil leaves

Homemade Pesto: Arugula, pinenuts, pumpkin seeds, parmigiana cheese, garlic, EVOO, drop of mayo, S&P

Forbidden Pesto Pasta Salad Jar

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